Research Centres

Research Centres in the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

There are Six (6) research centres in FOCS which serve as the incubator to explore new ideas and research, and to nurture new researchers. Faculty members perform individual research, group research, and collaborative research with individual researcher(s) from other faculties, institutions, statutory bodies or industry partners. Members provide consultancy, testing and analysis services using scientific instruments available in the laboratories based on the stipulated and approved guidelines and charges. Activities include conducting or organizing research projects, consultancy works, workshops, seminars, conferences and any other relevant activities including papers publishing.

RC Lead: Ts. Ong Jia Hui 

RC Lead: Prof. Dr. Lim Tong Ming

RC Lead: Dr. Goh Ching Pang

RC Lead: Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Tew Yiqi

RC Lead: Dr. Wong Thein Lai

RC Lead: Dr. Poh Tze Ven