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The FOCS Team

Ts. Lim Shen Huoy


Ts. Chok Len Mooi

Deputy Dean


Mr. Ooi Chun Pew 

Deputy Dean


Dr. Wong Thein Lai

Deputy Dean

Research & Development 

Associate Deans

Pn. Azurawati binti Ismail

Department of Software Engineering and Technology (DSET)

Mr. Chee Keh Niang

Department of Mathematical and Data Science (DMDS)

Ms. Tan Li Peng

Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT)

Ms. Too Wei Chin

Department of Computer Science and Embedded Systems (DCSE)

Ms. Kong Hooi Ming

Department of Information Systems and Security (DISS)

Ms. Chong Voon Niang

Associate Dean for Quality Assurance Processes